Student Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it. Check out what my students have to say.

I’ve been taking lessons from Craig for about 2 years now and he has taught me so much! He is a very talented teacher whose teaching ability is spectacular. I am now able to play the music to many of my favorite songs and I am even writing some of my own music!
Alexandra S | Santa Clarita, CA

My name is Trevor and I took lessons from Craig from 2008-2014 (it was so long ago I think that’s right) on a weekly basis if my schedule permitted me. I am a very involved person in many different facets of my life and I was so thankful that if I couldn’t make my regular lesson time Craig would often work with me and give me options of when I can come in. This guy is probably the coolest guitar teacher ever and his skills, knowledge, and patience are top notch. No matter what your experience level he is always willing to teach you exactly what you want to learn at your own pace. If you want to learn music theory, he’s got it. If you want to learn a song you heard on the radio, he’s got it. Eventually during my time with him it got to a point where I ran out of songs I wanted to learn so we just moved to reading music and learning music theory so I can make my own riffs, solos, and make my guitar express exactly what I want it to with ease. I really have nothing but positive things to say about Craig and over the large amount of time I took lessons from him he not only was a teacher and a mentor but also a friend that I laughed with and learned with. The final note I have about Craig is that the amount of knowledge and passion he has for his work is unmatched by all other guitar teachers for his price range.
Trevor B | Santa Clarita, CA

We found Craigs name online. His reviews were good, so my wife decided to take a chance and give him a call. Craig’s an incredible instructor with a tremendous amount of talent. He is very patient with my son and conducts himself with a level of professionalism that is hard to come by. Within weeks of my son taking lessons with Craig, my son was already showing an improvement. With Craig’s patience and teaching techniques, my son has been able to learn three songs within a short matter of time. Having taken lessons myself in the past from several other instructors, Craig’s ability as an instructor and musician is unsurpassed. We would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play the guitar or expand upon their existing skills.
Robbie E | Newhall, CA

My son is 8 years old and he is new to Guitar. We were lucky in getting Craig as his instructor. Even though my son was new, he finished his first song in 6 – 8 weeks and going on good…Craig’s approach to teaching guitars is very good… He considers what the student wants and goes with the flow and teach them which helps my son to enjoy guitar while learning…Craig is very methodical and detailed in his lessons which helped our son to grasp and do good. Especially he sends the tunes in different speeds which helps a lot for practicing.
Prabu E | Valencia, CA

Remember that time you used to teach me how to play Blink-182 songs over a decade ago??? We are opening for them in September!!!! Thanks for being a great mentor Craig Beck.
Shelby Archer | Guitarist/Songwriter for New Beat Fund

I cannot say enough about Craig Beck’s excellent guitar instruction; he has taught my two teenaged daughters for the past year and a half. When I asked Esmé, the younger of the two, what makes Craig so special, she replied, “Craig is an all-around great guy who really knows how to teach guitar. We’ve had guitar teachers before who were very talented guitar players but they were not nearly as talented at teaching as they were at playing. Craig is so very gifted at teaching guitar because he actually listens to me and this ability to listen, I think, allows him to help me in the best ways possible. He is extremely patient, always encouraging, and fun. I leave my lesson each time feeling good about myself, about what I’m accomplishing, and encouraged that I can learn more.” When I asked my other daughter, Marie-Claire, about Craig, she answered by saying, “He is enthusiastic and so very encouraging, friendly, thoughtful, engaging, generously-spirited, and genuine…oh, and the big difference I find with Craig is that is really interested in me, I mean, really interested in what I’m learning and in what I want to learn. I really think he is the best guitar teacher!”
Renee C | Newhall, CA

Craig, you’ve been a tremendous influence on my life; I want you to know that I am ever-grateful for the way in which you shaped and grew my love of guitar and music. You are one of a kind… not only a true Jedi Master of guitar, but also a leader who inspires greatness in his students. My gratitude will never be enough! Infinite cheers, my friend! To anyone reading this, who is thinking about taking lessons from Craig: This is a decision you will absolutely never regret. There is no price that can be placed on the value of what he will impart to you. I strongly affirm that your experience as his student will forever echo within your life’s musical journey. Craig’s manner of teaching places you directly in touch with the passion that you already hold inside yourself (despite any level of obscurity). He is a stalwart mentor who is most adept at unlocking your potential. He will help you grow in ways you never imagined possible. His teachings will connect you to all those around you. Craig is a wizard. Everyone needs a wizard.
Andrew W | Burbank, CA

I have been going to Craig for six months. I had been trying to teach myself for years. He knew exactly where to begin and how to organize my lessons so that I would get enough material to keep me busy and challenged. He goes the extra mile when I have questions or different ideas. He will always design your lesson plan on what you want to learn with what you need to learn. Craig was my first choice after reading about him and calling him. You don t have to look any farther, you or your child will get the best with Craig.
Janelle B | Saugus, CA

I have been going to Craig Beck’s Guitar Studio since I began playing acoustic guitar in kindergarten. I took some time off and then got into electric guitar and Craig has helped me learn material ranging from the Blues to AC/DC. Any song I desire to learn he either already knows or learns in minutes. His studio is equipped with great audio software that is able to make tracks of a song that are slowed down so students can practice and gain accuracy. He is a friendly, upbeat teacher who is always supportive. I highly recommend going to Craig’s! I have learned so much and have picked up a skill I will always be thankful for.
Eric H | Santa Clarita, CA

I was thinking of you today, and realized I owe you a huge Thank You! When I had my first lesson with you, I had no idea that playing guitar would become such an important part of my life. I never would have thought I’d travel to different states in the US to play guitar in a band. You make dreams come true!
Chandler J | Los Angeles

Craig Beck ignited my musical curiosity and passion singlehandedly, starting with his incredible guitar lessons then moving into lessons that focused on explaining the language of music which opened up a world of endless possibilities for my career in composition for film, video games and commercials. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the profoundly intricate foundation he helped me forge in the very critical early and intermediate stages of my musical journey. Craig’s a life changer, plain and simple.
Houston F | Santa Monica, CA

I really like taking guitar lessons from Craig. He makes learning guitar fun and easy to understand. He’s very patient and makes things easy for me to understand. His teaching studio in Valencia, CA is awesome! I’ve learned a lot and my dad says I’ve gotten really good. I’ve only been taking guitar lessons for a few months but I’ve already learned 3 songs. I even learned a guitar solo. One of my friends asked if I can play Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”. I told them I am going to have Craig teach me! I always like going to my guitar lessons at Craig’s. It’s a lot of fun!
Jake M | Valencia, CA

I took four years of lessons from Craig Beck’s Guitar Studio and I must admit that I loved every second of it. I believe the reason that Craig Beck is my all time favorite guitar instructor is because he is so willing and ready to work with his students on what they would like to do. It can be learning songs to learning theory, but he always finds a way to make it fun. when I first started, we were learning songs from Linkin Park to Pantera, and as I progressed he continued to direct me in the path of more challenging songs to improve my skills. Mr. Beck is ready to tackle any request that you bring to him and he’ll do so enthusiastically. I recommend this teacher to anybody that is ready to take guitar lessons or even just considering it. He has state of the art technology in his studio and continues to update his equipment regularly. I will have to say though my favorite part about Craig Beck’s Guitar Studio is just in the past four years I have made an amazing friend. He always builds a relationship with his students and that is the reason that I have been so heavily influenced by him. Seriously if anyone is considereing guitar lessons in the Santa Clarita valley, then go to Craig. HE’S THE BEST!
Tyler D | Santa Clarita, CA

Both of my teens got their start with Craig back in middle school. My son has played lead guitar in several touring bands and played at amazing venues such as The Troubadour, The Whiskey, The Roxy, The Rock and Roll Marathon, many fairs and charity events, etc. My daughter used her guitar foundation as a springboard for her singing and songwriting. They both continue to pursue their separate music career interests in addition to playing together in their band Wild Hearts. Craig gave them the skills and confidence to get out there and pursue their dreams!
Cheryl J | Los Angeles, CA

It’s almost hard to describe a man so amazing. Let me put it to you this way: If you pay attention, and practice what he teaches you on a regular basis, you will be the best guitar player out of anybody that you know. I’ve taken lessons from a few people when I moved away from CA, and it was highly depressing, because nobody has the combination of this man’s work ethic, personality, SKILLS, teaching ability, and kind heart like he does. I haven’t had a lesson from Craig in 15 years, and not a month goes by where I wish I could go back to CA and get more lessons. I had lost Craig’s info for many years, and just today I found this site. I obviously had to give him the praise that he deserves. I’m serious. If you want to get really good, really fast, and love every minute of it, take lessons from Craig Beck. It’s almost impossible not to love the guy and what he’ll do for you. Thanks Craig for everything! I’ll never forget you, ever!
Steve D | Denver, CO

I want to give a shout out to anyone who wants to play guitar…especially kids! My girls loved taking lessons from Craig for 8 months! He is a wonderful teacher and has so much patience with kids. I would recommend his teaching to all of my friends. Sadly we have since moved and cannot take more lessons from him at this time. Rock on!
Kelly W | Dana Point, CA

I learned more about playing guitar in the year and a half I took lessons from Craig than I did in 10 years of trying to teach myself. He is an excellent teacher and a great person.
Maxx K | Santa Cruz, CA

Craig is an amazing guitar teacher. My 9 year old decided he wanted to take guitar lessons several months ago. I made sure to research our options in the surrounding area, as I wanted something long term. I sent him to 2 other studios for a trial run and ultimately decided on Craig Beck. I needed someone who could work with my son’s attentional issues and somehow hold his interest for a 1 hour lesson. Here is what Craig does: 1. He has the child choose a few favorite songs that they would like to learn 2. He evaluates the song at the child’s level and chooses an appropriate starting point 3. He makes a recording on a cd for the child to take home and practice with. Lucas absolutely enjoys his calm, patient, zen-like presence. Just call and talk to him – you’ll feel the same way!
Rena A | Valencia, CA

There’s a part of “Submarine” that our band likes to call the ‘drunken sailor solo’. It is a half-time breakdown section near the end of the song, when the viola and lead guitar both take dual ‘solos’ in tandem. (In the video, it is the section where the submarine starts to sink.) After the recording of the lead guitar in the ‘drunken sailor solo’, I came out of the studio feeling as if I had just channeled the music from some higher power. It was a very spiritual moment for me. The solo came so quickly and solidly in my mind when I first began to “improvise” that it only took a few takes till I had got it…

The foundation that Craig gave me in scales and solos over the years I took lessons with him in junior high and high school had become my backbone in the studio. It allowed me to connect and play the solo I heard without thinking. I was able to get in the zone and become the music. Because of that, this one section has become the most magical part of The Oceanographers album for me. It is a moment that I would have never been able to capture if it weren’t for those years of weekly guitar lessons. It is all those little guitar lessons compressed into a powerful musical moment that I will be forever grateful for. Thank you Craig.
Justin Miyamoto | Lead Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist for The Oceanographers

I started playing guitar when I was young. I have had a variety of teachers over the years I have played. I can say without any doubt that Craig Beck is by far the best teacher I have ever had. I highly recommend him to all level of students from beginning to advanced. He has taught me more in the last few years than all my other teachers combined. He truly knows the guitar backwards and forwards, plus his teaching style is great. He is easy to understand and makes learning the guitar easy, as long as you practice. He evaluated my style and has shown me new ways to grow in my knowledge of playing. He can play any style of music and has shown me how to play songs exactly as they are on many different CD’s by many different artiest. If you want a really good teacher, go learn from Craig Beck. You won’t regret it.
Judy A | Castaic, CA

I have been taking lessons from Craig for over five years and each time I attend my lesson I learn something new and exciting. He is an excellent guitar teacher who is able to take you as far in your musical progression as you would like to go. He adapts to your personal needs, whether you intend to learn musical theory and how to create songs, or just want to learn songs by your favorite artists, Craig provides exceptional methods and techniques that will help you to reach these goals. Besides all of his musical skills he is also a great guy. I consider Craig more of a friend than a teacher and highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning guitar or bass.
Jon D | Santa Cruz, CA

Craig has been my 10 year-old daughter’s guitar teacher for 3 years now, and he started teaching my 7 year-old son last year as well. He is a wonderful and patient teacher. The children can choose whatever song they wish to learn. As long as it’s within a reasonable difficulty range, he can break it down and teach it to them on their level. He’ll teach anything from goofy tv theme songs to Disney songs to popular radio music and of course classics. He can always find a way to make it accessible to them and that keeps them interested. His knowledge of music is unmatched. It’s obvious he is highly educated as my children love to ask questions. I find myself learning tons about music just sitting through the lessons. His studio is quiet and comfortable. I’ve taken guitar lessons myself from various teachers in the past, and I can say without a doubt that Craig Beck is by far the best one I’ve come across.
Paolo H | Canyon Country, CA

I have been receiving guitar lessons from Craig for almost three years now. With his teaching skills you learn so much. It is at your own speed to your choice of song that you want to learn. His knowledge on the art of the guitar is very advanced and he can teach you to play songs in different ways that accommodate anybody’s style/ability to learn. I have had guitar lessons with other places and have not learned near as much as what I have at Craig Beck Guitar Studio in Santa Clarita, CA. I highly recommend him.
Georgia S | Santa Clarita, CA

I have been Craig’s student for 18 months. My initial goal in taking guitar lessons was to learn fingerpicking styles. I was 70 years old at the time. I could play a few chords but had never taken a guitar lesson previously in my life. I was initially apprehensive about signing up for music lessons at my age. I thought an instructor would not take me seriously. I was very wrong in Craig’s case. He has taught me fingerpicking and much more. Above all, he made me interested in progressing to soloing, learning scales and licks. Craig is an excellent professional. He makes learning to play guitar fun. He is patient and has a clarity for teaching that enables the student to understand music theory in simple terms. I have seen students of every age group walk out of his studio. My class might follow a 7 year old fellow student, or a teenager, or grown up men and women. Craig has made me love the guitar much more than I did before I took my first lesson with him. I am no longer intimidated when I pick up the guitar, or playing in front of family and friends. He has given me the confidence to do so. I feel like something was missing in my day if I have failed to pick up the guitar and practiced. I owe that to Craig.
Art H | Newhall, CA

I had the pleasure of taking guitar lessons with Craig in my late teens. Craig always managed to keep lessons fun & positive no matter how challenging the particular lesson may have been. He is an excellent teacher and I have referred him students over the years. Regardless of your skill level – Beginner to Advanced – Craig can help take your playing to the next level.
Dave D | Acton, CA

Simply put, Craig is amazing! If you’ve been looking for someone to teach you or your child the guitar or bass, stop! Your search has ended. You are not going to find a better person or instructor than Craig Beck and there is no faster (or fun) way to learn guitar. I know because I had dabbled in guitar for years and was “self-taught”. I grew up reading tab books and later watching YouTube videos to hone my skills. I grew frustrated as I plateaued pretty quickly. Sure, I could play but I never really seemed to get any better. I could never emulate my guitar heroes. I hit a wall I could not break through. Enter Craig Beck…in less than a few months Craig’s taken my fumbling fingers and trained them to play Dream Theater! If you know who that band is, you know what a monumental accomplishment that is! No video or tab book could EVER do that for me. It’s amazing really. I will sometimes find myself asking “did I just play that?!”. Under Craig’s expert guidance, my guitar skills have gotten to the point where my 11 yr old son actually likes to come into the room and listen to me practice. That’s crazy! Craig’s taught me everything from vicious soloing to emotional finger-picking. It’s insane to think how far I’ve come in just a few months! I can’t wait to see where I’m at in a couple years! Guitar has always been fun but Craig has made it a passion of mine. Thank you Craig!!!
Jon M | Valencia, CA

A sixth-grade student of mine wrote the following story, ‘Destination: Mr. Beck’ for a recent school homework assignment. I am so lucky to be able to share my passion with my students and I am very thankful that it is appreciated by them. Thank you Hunter for the wonderful story!

Hunter | Valencia, CA