Student Jams

Current & former students show off their mad skills

Jon M.

Reliving his days of youth, Jon M. attempts the tall task of covering Vinnie Moore’s Morning Star. He’s off to a good start!

Christina R

Christina’s fun personality shines through as she plays the theme songs from 2 of her favorite Cartoon Network shows – The Amazing World Of Gumball and Teen Titans.

John M

One of John’s favorite bands is Bowling For Soup. Here he blasts out an acoustic version of "High School Never Ends." Listen for their trademark octave solo halfway through the video.

Mark M

DR. M decided to goof off at Craig Beck’s Guitar Studio and lay down a ripping’ version of the Star Spangled Banner. God Bless America and the USMC!

Jon M - Tyketto - Forever Young Solo

Jon playing another favorite solo from his childhood. All he needs now is the hair, some spandex and and a time machine back to the 80’s :)

Jon M - Skid Row - I Remember You Solo

Jon says I remember that song with his cover of the guitar solo from Skid Row’s ‘I Remember You’.

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