Student Jams

Current & former students show off their mad skills

Mark M.

Mark M performs “Norwegian Wood” by The Beatles using the Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar pedal. This is Dr. M’s second video where he is expanding his tonal palette and using some heavy duty effects in his cover of the George Harrison Sitar lead in the Beatles song “Norwegian Wood”.

Evita G.

Evita G. performs “Rivers and Roads” by The Heart And The Head. The lyrics are especially relevant since this was recorded at her last guitar lesson before she moved to Boston, MA to attend graduate school.

Evan M.

Evan Munoz rips it up on the solo from Metallica’s “The Struggle Within”. Conquering this solo definitely raised Evan’s skills to a new level!

Alexandra S

Although singer/songwriter Alexandra S. composes her own music, she also enjoys performing songs by other artists. Here she is doing a cover of “Team” by Lorde.

Mark L

Mark L. enjoying the thundering lows that drop D tuning gives to “Outshined” by Soundgarden. The 7/8 time signature sounds so timeless on this 1991 release.

Ethan M

Ethan M. recording some slamming guitar parts he composed for “Nightmare Theme” from Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbat Game.

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