Student Jams

Current & former students show off their mad skills

Trevor B

Trevor B. performs “Sacrifice” by the reggae rock band The Expendables. Very cool how the song starts off in a mellow reggae feel then slams into a searing rock solo. Irie!

Sophia H

Sophia H. plays a rockin’ version of the Taylor Swift chart topping song “Shake It Off”. One pop tune + distorted guitar = FUN!!!

Mark M

Ph.D., engineer, college professor, golfer, comedian and guitarist Mark Mithers let’s his inner Eddie out in this cover of Van Halen’s “316”

Sophia H

Sophia plays “In Summer” from the hit movie Frozen. Nice job Sophia!

Trevor B

Trevor B. rips through “Worn Out Passport” by The Copyrights. I transcribed the song and Trevor learned and videoed the song in a mere 27 minutes. The skills he acquired by learning the 19 minute song “The Count of Tuscany” by Dream Theater made this possible.

Brian J

Bryan J. performing a tasty solo he composed using recently learned scales and arpeggios. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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