Student Jams

Current & former students show off their mad skills

Nik R

Nik R. plays a soulful version of the B.B. King instrumental “Blues Boys Tune,” a slow instrumental dripping with organ riffs.

Dave D

Dave D. took lessons from me 20 years ago although I remember his lessons like it was just last year. Since then he has been guitarist/songwriter in numerous bands and is currently composing and recording music for a solo album. Here he is today ripping it up in the key of E minor. Like a fine wine, Dave keeps getting better with each passing year!

Anna Jane J

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and model Anna Jane Jackson performs an original song “Stay Or Go”.

Jon M

Jon M. channeling his inner Key Marcello as he plays a favorite a childhood favorite – the solo from Europe’s Superstitious! Rock on Jon!

Ryan S

Ryan S. performing “Can You Dig It” from the movie Iron Man 3

Alexandra S

Student Sydney Alexandra performing “River Deep Mountain High” by Tina Turner/Celine Dion at her high school fall concert.

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