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Ruokangas Guitars
Hand-crafted electric guitars by Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas. Ruokangas Guitars builds solid-body and semi-hollow electric guitars, including models such as Duke, VSOP, Mojo, Hellcat and Unicorn. The company builds guitars using traditional methods – no modern computer controlled machinery etc.

BC Audio
Hand-made all-tube non-clone guitar amps. Recipient of Guitar Player’s EDITORS’ PICK AWARD and Premier Guitar’s PREMIER GEAR AWARD. BC Audio was founded by award-winning guitarist Bruce Clement, who has been wielding a soldering iron since the late 1970s. BC Audio products are proudly made in the USA.

Jet Guitars
Jeff Terwilliger is the most talented & innovative luthiers on this planet. JET Guitars, even the economy models, defy the normal logic most builders use to build a good guitar. Jeff’s incredible eye for mixing colors results in mind warping finishes and paint jobs.

Evidence Audio Cables
Founded in 1997 to offer the finest musical instrument and studio cables available. Our technology is based on 20 years of research in preserving the quality of sound as it passes through electronics.

Vovox Cables
VOVOX was founded in 2002 by material engineer Jürg Vogt. Prior to the foundation, new products were developed over five years of intensive research. Initially with musician Kaspar Kramis, whose basal ideas substantially co-influenced the cables, many prototypes and concepts were created and tested. It was only a short time before the founding of the company when Jürg Vogt had the break-through and invented the novel design of the cables. This design is the reason for the uniqueness of VOVOX sound conductors and forms the basis of their outstanding sound quality as well as of their optimal handling properties for solid-core cables.VOVOX converted scepticism into enthusiasm in the shortest time. The company succeeded in convincing many professional musicians and sound engineers that VOVOX and their sound conductors were definitely in a league of their own.

Tone Tubby Speakers
Tone Tubby speakers are the new sustainable standard for natural sound tonality and cone dependability. A luxury sound based on hard working technology. Tone Tubby delivers a consistently sweeter sound that many professional musicians rely on to optimize their recording sessions and live performances. From large amphitheater stage settings to intimate nightclub gatherings, you may have already experienced the Tone Tubby sound!

Made from natural and organic hemp fibers, Tone Tubby offers a rich and smooth sound unheard of from paper cone speakers. The cones are more durable with a heat and tear resistance unlike paper speakers. Cones made from hemp not only sound good, they are good for the environment. Using a renewable resource means fewer trees used for paper, more jobs and a more sustainable future.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars
PRS Mission Statement: Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery. We are devoted to the guitar’s rich heritage while committed to new technologies that will enrich our products with uncompromised tone, playability and beauty. Our success depends on our ability to listen, implement positive change and continually refine our craft.

Believing this, we strive to build the best guitars and guitar products possible and to serve our employees, customers, suppliers and community with distinction.

Benedetto Guitars
American made archtop jazz guitars since 1968.

Every single Benedetto guitar is made here in the United States, all under the same roof, at our shop in Savannah, Georgia. Our Flagship guitars (carved) are made in one section of our building and the Professional Series are made in a different room. The rough milling, finishing, buffing and final assembly are done in the same rooms by the same hands whether a $4,500 Bambino or a $40,000 Sinfonietta. Absolutely no compromise in quality, or outsourcing of labor.

Celestion Speakers
Founded in 1924, Celestion has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of loudspeakers.

Responsible for the first ever dedicated guitar speaker, Celestion drivers have become the ‘voice of rock & roll’, delivering many of the most memorable performances by guitarists including Jimi Hendrix and Slash through to the current crop of high-octane shredders.

Our innovation in LF and compression drivers places Celestion at the heart of the professional sound reinforcement industry, relied upon by many of the world’s leading manufacturers to deliver the sound of a great show.

3rdPower Speaker Cabinets
3RD POWER makes cutting-edge “retro” tube guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets in our shop in East Nashville, TN. We hold a patent for our technology and have several other patents pending.

We start with an insatiable passion for guitar tone and combine that with the highest level of respect for the great innovators that have come before us. We are honored to stand on their shoulders and reach for the stars.

Our quest is not a choice… It’s what we were born to do.

Peterson Tuners
At Peterson, tuning is our business and has been for over 60 years. We have taken this earned expertise and designed products that cater to every corner of the industry.

In order to understand why strobe tuners are an excellent choice when tuning your instrument, it is important to realize the differences between a true strobe tuner and other tuners on the market today.

The way they process and display this information are vital to the final outcome; your tuning, i.e., your signature sound.

Shubb Capo
Dave Coontz and Rick Shubb formed a partnership on a handshake in 1974 based on a solid premise: no compromises. We would make unique products to the highest standard of quality. When we introduced our guitar capo in 1980, we adhered to that policy. The Shubb capo cost twice as much as any other capo then on the market, yet players recognized its quality, and it quickly became the capo of choice for discerning players everywhere.

Novus Plastic Polish
Gently cleans all plastics without scratching. Leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static.

Red Bear Picks
Red Bear Trading Company has been making fine hand-crafted guitar picks since 2003.Our picks have become world-renowned for the feel, tone and performance they offer. Our Red Bear Original line of flat picks provide smooth string attack and release – literally gliding off the strings without effort. Players of all styles agree, ours are simply the best guitar picks available today.

Dunlop Picks
Dunlop picks are an iconic part of the fabric of rock n’ roll, like a pair of leather pants and a bad attitude. The world’s top players, from groovy jammers like Dave Matthews to ripping guitar heroes like Slash, have used Dunlop picks as their sonic paintbrush of choice to create their own species of rock n’ roll. The picks they use are as much a part of their sound and style as anything else in their tone chain. Different gauges and shapes of picks give you different options, from tone and feel to speed and control.

Thomasik-Infeld Strings
Our basic principle is to develop a high-quality musical string at the latest technological level. On the one hand, we set great store by sustainability in environmental and social areas. On the other hand, we pay attention to individual service to enthuse our customers for our products.

The combination of craftsmanship, high tech and a highly qualified team is the secret of the success of Thomastik-Infeld.

Band-in-a-Box is so easy to use! Just type in the chords for any song using standard chord symbols (like C, Fm7, or C13b9), choose the style you’d like, and Band-in-a-Box does the rest… Band-in-a-Box automatically generates a complete professional-quality arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar, and strings or horns.

We provide our customers with an unparalleled experience by making the best professional audio devices in the world. Our products deliver ultimate sound quality, inspiring simplicity and incredible value. We will continue to innovate and challenge old paradigms with new solutions that advance audio recording and elevate creativity.

Sheptone Pickups
At Sheptone, our philosophy on pickups is simple…they should be transparent and allow the primary tones of the wood to come through. It is a wooden instrument after all. If you really listen to those classic riffs and tones that we all know, you can hear the wood and that is the key. While some secondary tone is inherent to each pickup design, the job of the pickup is to respond to the players’ touch (dynamics), enhance the natural harmonics and overtones that accompany each note, and transfer this “voice” to the rest of the signal chain.

Deacci Pickups
After spending a number of years creating and developing an understanding of bespoke, hand-wound pickups, we started to dig deeper into why the transition to newer, more accurate winding machines seems to have killed some of the magic that we all love in those old-school pickups, and to come up with a way to recover that magic without compromising quality or performance. Taking inspiration from the mathematical sequences that underpin so much of nature’s seemingly random distribution, from flower petals to seed heads, Deacci created a winding distribution methodology based on the Fibonacci sequence that’s resulted in a range of pickups that deliver the very best of those vintage sets but with a consistency and purity that’s hard to achieve with hand wound pickups. It’s what we like to call the Deacci “pure sound” and it seems to be pretty damn good at putting a big smile on the face of everyone who tries it so what are you waiting for?

Dr. Ducks Ax Wax
Dr.Duck is the World Headquarters for Duck’s Deluxe. Established in 1992, Duck’s Deluxe are the creators of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax. The Duck’s Deluxe business motto is to “treat our customers like family and there are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet.”

Spectraflex Cables
Spectraflex Cables are the “Original Braided Cables” used by musicians the world over. The rugged, high quality nylon braiding that we take so much pride in, is there for a reason: It protects and enhances the performance of the cable’s internal components, while preventing tangles and adding flexibility. All Spectraflex cables feature state of the art construction, designed to provide superior frequency response and ultra low handling noise. And our skilled designers and technicians produce some of the finest looking cables on the planet. So, whether you’re a seasoned musician, grizzled garage rocker, or just torturing your neighbors, we make sure your sound arrives in style. Models are available for all instrument, microphone and speaker applications, and come in a mind-boggling array of colors and styles. Accept no substitutes. Your equipment always looks and sounds better with a Spectraflex Cable, not some bogus look-alike. All Spectraflex Cables are made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Warranty. They’re built to last and can take whatever you can dish out. So, go ahead-play hard.

Creation Audio Labs
Creation Audio Labs manufactures studio quality pro sound electronics, electric guitar and bass effect pedals. The Holy Fire takes a different approach than the typical overdrive distortion pedal. This ultra-wide bandwidth pedal responds like a tube without changing your tone and has an extremely low noise floor. Transparent GAIN, dynamic smooth OVERDRIVE, thick rich DISTORTION.

Petty John Electronics
Pettyjohn Electronics was birthed around an idea of using analog technology to create a guitar pedal. Therefore, it is our intention to continue the practice of creating new tools for tone to take vintage technology and integrate it with the modern concepts of today. In doing so we know we will be producing new sounds for tomorrow. The PreDrive studio grade, dual foot-switchable guitar preamp is designed to be the first pedal in your chain. Built in the USA with 2 discrete opamp chips and audiophile components throughout, the PreDrive will preserve every detail of any instrument plugged into it!